Chad Cassin

A ladybug's life

Spent a bit of mother's day shooting small things.

Pistil + Stamen + Pollen

Another small thing.

Polar Water

Where the light gets in

Thistle Bee

580EX II (1/16) off camera with micro apollo softbox.

Full City Fett

580EX II Honl 1/8 grid some full city roast Kenyan coffee and Mr. Fett

Oh… I didn't see you there.

Polar Water

580EX II 1/32 on the left with a Westcott Micro Apollo and a blue gel. 480EX 1/64 Right bounced off white foam core for backlight.

Kenyan Peaberry Coffee

Kenya Kirinyaga Gachami Peaberry



One of the unintended benefits of the high weeds and wild flowers that grew in what had always been our vegetable garden.

Garden Grasshopper

Bee balm beetle

Grape Hyacinth

Wild Carrot


Smell the flowers

Middle Pea Porridge Pond

Bittersweet Nightshade

Tiny purple flowers hiding in plain sight in the front yard.



Privet Trio